Q: Are the overnight and day retreats "silent" retreats?

A: We like to say that our retreats are "quiet". With most silent retreats, there is a strict rule that attendees cannot speak. Sanctuary Retreats encourages a quiet environment, however, we do not restrict communication with others. 

Q: What do you mean by unplugging from the world?

A: We are saturated with technology every single day. While we do not restrict anyone from having any kind of electronic device, we HIGHLY encourage attendees to turn them off while at a retreat. Electronics, to include phones, can inhibit rest for you, and others.

Q: Can anyone attend a day or overnight retreat?

A: Yes.  Our sole purpose is to help attendees gain rest and relaxation in an oftentimes stressful world. We believe all people can gain in life from resting and unplugging from the world for a time.

Q: Do I have to introduce myself to others at events?

A: No. We do not have times of introductions. You may reveal as much information as you like to others, but we will not give out any information about you to anyone. So, whether you are a single mom, single man, married, police officer, doctor, etc., we will protect your privacy.

Q: Can my group, or organization, have our own weekend or day retreat?

A: Yes. Please contact us for more information.

Q: Why do you have a lantern/lamp as your logo?

A: Lanterns and lamps are used to help one see in the dark; to assist you with finding things, or with finding a path. It is our hope that Sanctuary Retreats can help you with finding rest, not only at a retreat, but in your daily life.

Q: What is a Tour Retreat?

A: A Tour Retreat is typically a day-long tour of a specific location (i.e. historical site). We will learn about the site and we will discuss ways of reducing stress. This is an educational tour that is designed to get participants away from their day to day cycle while inspiring you to reevaluate your life through lessons learned from the location that we visit. 


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