Life Coaching

"Helping you achieve rest and contentment in life"

What is a Life Coach? 

Life Coaching is sometimes Pastoral Care, but it is less about comfort and more about challenge. A coach can challenge you to shift priorities, accomplish goals, and provide accountability. Coaching frequently includes counseling, but it is less about trying to understand the past and more about figuring out the future. A Life coach can be a mentor. The journey is less about you trying to become like me, and more about me trying to help you become a better you! A Life Coach exists to help you reach your goal(s). In our case, we can help you achieve rest in life and find contentment.

Do you find that you do not have adequate rest in life? Maybe you cannot seem to find contentment with where you are; we can help you through Life Coaching.

What makes me different from other Life Coaches?

  • For one, I am a Certified Life Coach Minister. This means that in sessions, I use Biblical concepts and ideas. I do not shy away from using Scripture. I pray with you during sessions and understand that without God in the picture, your goals will be short-lived. I believe that what we do today, resonates into eternity. 

  • I am a U.S. Army Veteran. What does this mean for Life Coaching? It means that I know that life is not a lone ranger activity. We need others! It also means that I have the ambition, and drive, to always be moving forward. And, it means that I won't leave you behind.

  • I do not force you into a contract for any certain amount of time. You can cancel our partnership for any reason, or no reason, at any time.

What do you charge?

I charge $50.00, per one-hour session. I do not charge for weekly check-ins when I contact you to see how you are progressing.

(Your First session is free!)

How do sessions work?

Your first session is an introductory time, where we "get to know each other." This allows both of us an opportunity to see if we are compatible for future meetings. Once we agree to progress, the real work can begin, and future meetings will be scheduled. The number of times per month we meet is completely up to you!

Sessions are either online or in-person (must live in the Central Florida area for in-person sessions).

If you would like to see if coaching would help you, please contact us: 


(407) 603-1329

P.O. Box 4121

Enterprise, FL 32725


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